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Fire Alarm System

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Fire Alarm System

  • A Fire Alarm System is something that will detect fire and then to warn people of the fire.
  • The detection can be a person seeing the fire, a Smoke detector sensing smoke, a building's fire sprinkler system spraying water on a fire.
  • The warning can be someone running down hallways shouting "FIRE", a fire bell sounding, the fire horns sounding and the fire strobes flashing
  • The system is a mechanical or electrical means of warning everyone once a fire has been detected

A Little History

Long ago, as an early method of spreading the word of fire danger, people shouted "Fire!" That was a fire alarm system. Depending on the circumstances, people would run away from the fire to escape, or run toward the fire to help extinguish it.

Later, to warn people to act, the town bell or other noisemaker was also used. That, too, was a fire alarm system. 

Automation Using Electricity

Much later, electricity was discovered, and electrical (and electronic) fire alarm systems were developed. Sometimes before people even knew about a fire, the fire alarm system would automatically raise the alarm; the fire alarm systems had become automated. 

But, when there's no fire alarm system in the first place, or when all else fails, people still shout "Fire!" 

How a Fire Alarm System Works

Basically, to activate it, a fire alarm system uses manually operated devices (pull stations), or automatically activated devices (smoke and heat detectors, waterflow switches, etc.), Once a fire is discovered by the fire alarm system, it tells the occupants of a building about the fire (by making lots of noise and flashing lights) and calls the fire-fighters (through automatic communication). 

The advantages of installing a fire alarm system are numerous. Having systems in your home that will help keep your family and guests safe when emergencies occur are essential. fire alarm systems, often referred to as smoke alarms, are devices that detect the presence of smoke and heat in the atmosphere, allowing you and your family to get to safety. Here’s a breakdown of why you should make sure that you have a functioning fire alarm system in your home right now.


Fire alarms provide audible alerts. This is an important feature because you may not always be in the same room or area where the fire starts. The alert will give you time to respond to the fire, by escaping to a safe place outside or addressing the flame with a fire extinguisher.

Optional Placement 

Fire alarms are flexible appliances and can be installed in any specific area of your choice. If you follow the guidelines provided by the fire alarm manufacturer, you can place them in spaces that have fire hazards, like the kitchen. Be careful near spaces like bathrooms where steam from showers could falsely trigger the alarm. Be also sure to place them in areas where they can be easily heard, near bedrooms and family rooms.


Even if you aren’t home, remote monitoring will alert you to any fire emergencies at your residence. These connected systems will send alerts to your smartphone and fire emergency personnel that will respond to the emergency in a timely manner. In addition, these systems will also send emergency medical help for other issues that anyone at your home may be facing.